Below are speeches and blogs, mainly on the subjects of human rights and access to justice, both in relation to the UK and internationally. These are in addition to journalism published elsewhere.

Surviving Armageddon: BC 1 England 0

Cuts of around 40 per cent; government policy to fund only what is required by judges; mass firings of legal aid staff; replacement of a recalcitrant board of the equivalent of the Legal Services Commission and the appointment of a trustee to hammer through belt tightening. You think we have...
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Just do it: responding to the human rights debate

Three major figures in the higher judiciary – Laws, Sumption and Judge – have all within a few days criticised the structure of human rights protection in the UK. Michael Howard, onetime Tory leader, left the latest – a speech by Lord Judge last night audibly saying that his attack...
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International legal aid: the latest

The tenth annual conference of the International Legal Aid Group (see  was held in The Hague in June.  I read all the papers; reviewed all the presentations; and attended all the sessions (except the criminal one which shared time with quality). I required nudging to keep awake only once...
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