Roger is currently working on research on the digital delivery of legal services to low income people in a project for the Legal Education Foundation. This is taking further work undertaken with Professor Alan Paterson of Strathclyde University for the Nuffield Foundation and published in January 2014 as Face to Face Legal Services: Global lessons from the digital revolution. Roger has undertaken various consultancies in a number of countries, particularly the Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia for a variety of organisations including UNDP and the Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI).

Roger was part of the research team that produced Effective Criminal Defence in Europe and was a co-author of the final report with Ed Cape, Zaza Namaradze and Taru Spronken (published by Intersentia in 2010) which was funded by OSJI and the European Commission.

Previous subjects for research, often involving an international comparative element, have included the contracting of criminal defence services, innovation in civil services including alternative dispute resolution and a study of legal aid that included looking at aspects of provision in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and the United States, published in A Strategy for Justice (published by LAG in 1992).