Roger writes regularly in the legal press,  with monthly pages in the Law Society Gazette (see for example
http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/opinion/rights-and-wrongs/international-regulation-unmanned-military-drones-needed ); the New Law Journal (see, for example, http://www.newlawjournal.co.uk/nlj/content/good-bad-ugly).

Longer publications include:

  • Face to Face Legal Services and their Alternatives  with A Paterson, (92pp) Centre for Professional Legal Studies, Strathclyde University, 2014
  •  Effective Criminal Defence Rights in Europe, with E Cape, Z Namaradze, T Spronken (657pp), Intersentia, 2010
  • The Future of the Rule of Law, JUSTICE, 2007
  • ‘Human Rights and the UKconstitution’, Legal Information Management, Winter 2006
  • ‘Criminal justice and social justice’ with Sally Ireland in Social Justice, Criminal Justice published by theSmith Institute (on criminal justice policy).
  • ‘Old Wine in New Bottles: legal aid and the new Europe’ in JUSTICE Journal  2005, 2
  • ‘Constitutional Reform, the Lord Chancellor, and Human Rights: the battle of form and substance’ in Human Rights: A Success Story? ed Clements and Thomas, Blackwells, 2005
  • ‘Quality and Criminal Legal Aid’ Justice Initiatives February 2004 (pp6).
  • ‘Promoting Access to Justice in Central and Eastern Europe’ (pp32) in Access to Justice in Central and Eastern Europe Public Interest Initiative et al, 2003.
  • Legal Aid Contracting: lessons from North America (pp67) 1998 LAG
  • Justice: redressing the balance (pp115) 1997 LAG
  • Achieving Civil Justice: appropriate dispute resolution for the 1990s (pp214) 1996 LAG (edited)
  • Shaping the Future: new directions in legal services (pp290) 1995 LAG (edited)
  • A Strategy for Justice: publicly funded legal services in the 1990s (pp172) 1992 LAG (edited)
  • Rights Guide to Non Means Tested Benefits 1982/3, 1983/4, 1984/5, 1985/6 CPAG (edited, alone and with Mark Rowland)
  • We don’t give clothing grants any more: the 1990 supplementary benefit scheme (with Janet Allbeson) (pp113) 1984 CPAG
  • Children and the Courts (pp219) 1979 Sweet and Maxwell